This morning, Satoko told me that cartoon blogs are very popular here in Japan, so I thought I’d give it a go. As you can see, there’s still a little room for improvement, and perhaps it’ll be a while before I’m a best-selling manga artist …but it’s a start.




On a deadly serious note though, I’ve wanted to be able to draw for many years. Like, about 30 years. But, until now I’ve not done anything about it (aside from drawing a few elephants back in 2009).

Then a few days ago, I saw this app on Product Hunt: Folioscope.
So simple, and yet so smile-inducing. I love its playful spirit, and low barrier to entry.
I played around with it for a bit, but the part of me that is obsessed with ease of use / productivity had me thinking ‘this would be much easier with Photoshop’ (thinking about layer management, control over brushes etc).

It was late at night and I was impatient, so I opened that lethal app Amazon Prime Now (1 hour delivery from their Toyosu depot), and started checking out the tablets they had. Hmm, the good ones all seemed a bit pricey. Hard to justify at this point when I’m unsure if this is a flash-in-the-pan thing or not.

I then had a thought – why not use my iPad as an input device? Last time I tried that was a few years back, and it was laggy, with the connection often dropping. But surely now there would be improved options available …and I was right. Astropad is a fabulous app that does exactly what I was looking for, and can be connected via wifi or USB for almost lag-less input.

I then checked out what stylus options there were out there – my Evernote Jotnote died not long after I purchased it, and I must admit I always found it a but heavy / clunky in any case. In the end I went for the
Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 ADJP3B. It had very good reviews, but was also one of the most affordable. Having started to use its I find that I really like it. It’s lightweight yet feels nice and solid, and is very fast to react.

That, combined with Astropad is a winning solution!

Now I just need to learn to draw!