Up until now, our family has rarely gone out to seasonal events, as we’ve always been ‘too busy’ with work. But that’s all changing this now, as we switch our focus to giving Ricky as many interesting experiences as we can.

With that in mind, this week we decided to take him to Team Lab’s interactive experiential digital art exhibition, DMM.Planets, in the special summer park operated by Fuji TV in Odaiba: Minna no Yume-Tairiku (Everyone’s dream continent 2016)

Whilst we’d seen it get great reviews online, we hadn’t done much research about it.
In the morning Ricky had an audition for a magazine shoot (basically, he just had his photo taken), but then after that we headed to Shimbashi to take the Mononrail (well, strictly speaking it’s not a monorail, it’s an automated guideway transit service = self driving train on rubber wheels). Ricky loves the monorail. We waited about 15 minutes for the third train to arrive, so that he could sit in the front seat for the ride along the waterfront and across Rainbow Bridge to Daiba.

Odaiba Day Out_3920

The venue we were heading from was just a 5 minute walk from Daiba station – which was a good thing as it really really hot….!

Having got our tickets to the park we headed for the queuing area for DMM.Planets, which thankfully had fans stationed around it, so daddy didn’t melt waiting 20 minutes to get in, whilst mummy and Ricky headed to the cool kids area.

Odaiba Day Out_4004

Odaiba Day Out_3930

(Ricky doing his typical pose for the camera – he always looks so serious when posing…)

DMM.Planets is hosted in a couple of huge backed out tents. On entering, you have to take your shoes and socks off, and put them in a locker. Why? You’re going to get your feet wet! Through a foot wash, a sea of beanbags, down a pitch black corridor and then out into …an astonishing room with mirrored walls, ceiling and floor, and thousands of LEDs hanging down from the ceiling – this was the ‘Crystal Universe’.

It was stunning.

Odaiba Day Out_3948

Odaiba Day Out_3951

Odaiba Day Out_3952

It really was like being in some incredible universe of light…

Odaiba Day Out_3938

Initially Ricky loved it. He likes mirrors so to see himself all over the place was very funny. But as the universe blinked and flashed, so he started finding it pretty disconcerting. As a two year old this was a pretty full-on, an entirely new experience with no reference point. Daddy held onto Ricky and helped reassure him that everything was OK.

Odaiba Day Out_3953

Next up was the Infinity Room. This also was just brilliant. The entire room was filled with about 40cm of water that was colored white to turn the entire floor into a huge liquid canvas.

Then, projectors on the ceiling projected beautiful flowers onto the surface of the water …and fish, giant carp that would come up and nibble you (courtesy of sensors located in the ceiling).

Odaiba Day Out_3958

Odaiba Day Out_3960

Odaiba Day Out_3964

Ricky loves fish and aquariums, so this was right up his street! The water was a little deep though, so he chose to enjoy it from daddy’s arms.

Odaiba Day Out_3970

Finally, we moved on to Floating in the Falling Universe.

This was a mirrored dome with flowers and butterflies projected onto the ceiling. Also, using a web app, you could flick butterflies from your screen to the ceiling above you… very cool.

Odaiba Day Out_3973

After leaving DMM. PLANETS, we headed to the SNOW GARDEN next door.

Odaiba Day Out_3976

Ricky loved this, and spent about 90 minutes contently playing with his snow-scoop.

Odaiba Day Out_3996

Odaiba Day Out_3999

Finally it was time to head home – this coincided perfectly with Ricky (who’d missed his midday nap) falling asleep in his buggy.

Odaiba Day Out_4002

Overall it was a great day out. With a parents and kids house (complete with feeding rooms, changing area and playpen) it’s also suitable for families with small kids. Some of the attractions aren’t suitable for young kids like Ricky, but there’s a good range of stuff to entertain everyone.

If going to DMM.PLANETS, make sure you where shorts or a short skirt! Kids should wear something they can get wet in – as well as the attractions we went too there’s also a pool area to play in. Also, go to the loo before going in, as the queues are long.

We went on a weekday so it wasn’t too busy. They also have evening tickets which might be better than weekends which are sure to be really busy.

All the vital info:

Event: DMM. PLANETS Art by teamLab
Website: http://exhibition.team-lab.net/dmmplanets2016/
Open July 16th to August 31st, 10am ~ 10pm (except 11th, 17th; 18th until 6pm)
Location: Inside Minna no Yume-Tairiku (Everyone’s dream continent 2016) ,
Odaiba: 周辺エリア Website: http://www.odaiba.com
Cost: 1 day pass: 2,000 yen for adults, 1,300 yen for students.
Night ticket (from 5:30pm) 1,000 yen for adults, 500 yen for students.