Although I went to a school that encouraged children to draw, paint and express themselves through art (that is, a Steiner School), after leaving school I rarely tried to draw.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like drawing, it was more that when I did draw I was disappointed with the results, and I didn’t persevere in my attempts. I was still under the impression that you have to be born an artist…

Because of this, for over 20 years I rarely drew, and when I did, it was always an elephant, as you can see here.

Rocket Powered Elephant


On Ricky’s 2nd birthday he received some crayons from some friends of ours who have a child of a similar age. With Ricky at the stage where he would try throwing anything and everything, pulling stuff around, dragging pens along the floor and so forth, these crayons were perfect, as they would wash off with water.


Ricky’s style has, until very recently, simply been to draw endless loops. In his mind these are usually animals, or trains. Just recently he’s started drawing other patterns, or at least drawing around the pictures that we’ve started drawing for him.

Take for example this picture: here, he added some black water that extends all the way around the ship!


He also loves to have us draw pictures for him, usually of animals. As someone with the ability to make any animal look like a genetically modified mutant mistake, this has proved somewhat challenging. Elephants – no problem. Anything else: vivid imagination required (thankfully Ricky has that).




This morning, in addition to a collection of animals, Ricky set me the challenge of drawing abstract images that came up as a result of searching google for ‘green water’.



He seemed satisfied with the result, and so then told me to search for a turtle (he’s a big fan of turtles). The result is a poor imitation, but it does at least resemble the creature.



I’m grateful for the opportunity to be pushed beyond my elephant comfort zone.

Personally, I prefer drawing using a stylus, iPad and Photoshop than washable crayons. I’m still a novice with that too, but at least Photoshop allows you to keep on redrawing sections that you don’t quite get right the first time – it’s a great way to practice.

Ricky also enjoys drawing with his finger on the iPad – more on that in a future post.