Ricky and the watermelon
Ricky, pre-birth.

We’ve not told many people about this yet, but baby #2 is on the way, due in November 2016!

Based on the family history of early births it’s likely that the actual birth will be in late October. Whereas Ricky was born in our local hospital here in central Tokyo, this time I’ll be giving birth at a special maternity hospital near my family’s home in Saitama.

The reason for this is that in Japan it’s the norm to stay in hospital for 5 days following the birth of your child, even if the birth went without any problems. During that time the staff help you adjust to motherhood, providing advice on breastfeeding, bathing and so forth. Whilst that’s great for first time mothers, it does have its downsides.

For example, during my stay there I was on a ward with 4 other mothers for a week. It was hard to sleep or have any quiet time, as there were four newborn babies who loved to cry at all times of day and night. Also, visiting time was restricted meaning that there wasn’t much of a role for daddy. Not only that, but children under 6 aren’t usually allowed onto maternity wards.

This time I’ll have a private room with hotel-like service, which not only means more opportunities to sleep, but also it won’t be a problem for Ricky (and daddy) to visit.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be getting a 4D scan (and a 3D video) at the hospital, so we should be able to get a clear look at the baby who’s jumping around so much.

It’ll be interesting to see Ricky’s reaction to that. He already knows that mummy has a baby in her tummy, and sometimes presses his mouth up to my belly and says “Hello baby!”

Exciting times!