Last week we took Ricky along to an event at YouTube Space Tokyo being held to mark the release of the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Whilst the event started off with a showing of the film in a local cinema, we gave that a miss.. Ricky’s still a bit young for that sort of thing, and isn’t a big fan of dark places.

It was a good thing we stayed in that morning, as it gave Joseph the chance to take advantage of the typhoon and clean the veranda!


Thankfully the typhoon passed just in time for us to head out to Roppongi Hills.


That big crowd of Doraemon are back for their annual Roppongi Hills picnic

There we met our friends with their son who’s a big turtles fan.


In the elevator. Ricky’s a bit nervous.


And we’re here! Everything’s turtle-green.



Great view from the 29th floor! Ricky soon becomes obsessed with a huge Doraemon he’s spotted on the roof of TV Asahi.

Time for a photo with the turtles.

..whilst daddy has his makeup done.



There’s one huge turtle!

Then it was on to one of the main events: the Keroponzu duo, famous for their song / dance routine ‘Ebi Kani X’ – Shrimp Crab X, created a special turtle-themed version: Ebi Kamex ‘Shrimp Turtle X‘.


The children were invited in teams up to the stage to dance with them, but Ricky decided against it: dancing with these two-larger-then-life characters who until now he had only seen on YouTube was a bit much for him!

We were really impressed by the energy of Keroponzu – it looked like an exhausting routine. Respect to them! The rest of the kids really enjoyed themselves too.

YouTube Space Turtles event 1

YouTube Space Turtles event 2

The thing that Ricky liked the most though was the purikura photobooth! he does love cameras and photos, so we showed him how to operate the machine and let him choose his favourite shots. He still prefers not to smile when taking photos though!


Ricky always gets sleepy when he doesn’t have a midday nap. Time for a lie-down on the floor.


Whilst Ricky was a bit young for all the workshops (make your own turtle shell, learn to beatbox and create your own sound effects for the movie trailer), he still had a great day, and it was fun for us too to meet other families who create videos on YouTube.

A good day out!