Yesterday (Christmas Eve) was my 34th birthday, and today is the first Christmas that we’ll be spending as Family Tame.

It was nice to wake up to these lovely smiles on my birthday

We were planning to stay at my parents’ house to celebrate Christmas and my birthday as we always do, but a few family members have been sick this year, so we decided at the last minute that we’d have Christmas here at home, just the four of us.

So Ricky and daddy built a Christmas tree (from the parts of last year’s running Christmas tree!) to give the house some festive cheer! Being home made it’s not quite like the Christmas trees you see in the shops!

At lunch time we went to KITTE (the rebuilt post office building just outside Tokyo station) to have lunch. Ricky loves the 6th floor terrace from where he can see all the Shinkansen come and go.

Our first proper lunch as a family since Jack was born.

We then headed home. I had a look in a few places on the way for my birthday cake, but nothing really appealed to me, so I just bought a couple of tubs of ice cream instead.

When I was playing with Ricky, I remembered that we had some frozen pastry sheets and frozen berries, so we decided to make a berry pie!

I was quite amazed by how much Ricky can actually do things in the kitchen – something he couldn’t have done a few months ago.

This may have been the best birthday cake (pie) I’ve ever had!

the whole house is looking more Christmasy than ever!

A very merry Christmas to all of you!!