With Joseph’s love for Apple products and data, fortunately or unfortunately, technology plays a big part in our lives. Here are some apps that were/are helpful during pregnancy and child raising.


iTunes, Google Play Free

This is the app I used to open everyday during my pregnancy – with a smile.

Once you set your due date, the app will show a variety of information that’s specific to your current pregnancy phase. You can also see how much your baby has grown and get a clearer idea of what’s happening to your body.

It was very helpful to be able to easily see which week I was in, and be shown articles that were relevant at that time, such as how to deal with morning sickness or back pain.

This app is Japanese only – Baby Center’s ‘My Pregnancy’ is a good English alternative.


(Contraction/Fetal movement – Japanese) iTunes Free

I used this app when I went into labour with both Ricky and Jack.
It’s easy to use: you just tap “In labour” when your contraction starts, and then on “Finished” when it finishes. The app then tracks the length of your contractions and the break between them.

If the time between contractions is less than 10 minutes, it tells you to contact your hospital. My contractions were weak and irregular with both Ricky and Jack; it was great to have something which did all the calculations for me when I was in that state!
You can also register important contact details (such as for the hospital and your husband) so you can easily contact them when needed. For an English language contraction tracker, “Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer, Pregnancy Reference & Kick Counter” By Mustansir Golawala (Free) gets good reviews.


iTunes, Google Play ¥398

This is the main app that I’ve used the most ever since Ricky was born – I still use it everyday.

Everything is in English, but it’s quite a visual app so even if your partner isn’t confident in English they should have no problem in using it.

When your baby is very young and you’re constantly breast feeding, you tend to forget what you’ve done as you’re always busy and aren’t sleeping enough (I call it breastfeeding syndrome). But if you always use the app to log when you’ve fed your baby or changed his/her nappy (diaper), you can always see exactly when you last did what. You can also see how long you fed the baby for, which breast you used, the gap between feeding/nappy change and how many times you’ve changed their nappies within a day etc. Very useful – and reassuring to see their progress.

Even when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and your head isn’t working at all, you can see instantly when you last fed/changed their nappy and so determine whether it’s likely they need changing / feeding now.

With nappy changing, you can also register wee and poo, the colour of the poo (optional) and quantity. Jack once had blood in his stool, so I always made a note of that when it happened.

As for feeding, you can also use the timer to track how long you’ve fed the baby for and using which breast; you can also pause it. Of course, you can also put in info if you feed your baby with a bottle; how much the baby drank and when.

We recorded the feeding and the nappy changes for Ricky up until he turned six months old. When he was sick once, we could tell the doctor exactly when he was fed /when his nappy was last changed.

If your partner downloads the same app and logs in with the same email address, you can also share the information realtime. So for example, daddy can see how the baby (and the mother) is when they’re at work. The husband can also check and change the baby’s nappy in the morning without waking mummy to ask here when it was last changed (and I highly recommend that husbands do this!)

Baby monitor AV

iTunes, Google Play Free

With baby monitor AV, just put your devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) on the same Wi-Fi network, and use them as baby monitors. We use it when Jack is sleeping in the living room and we’re both working in our home office. I simply put an old iPhone 5 next to Jack and use my own iPhone as the receiver.


iTunes $0.99

Can an app really calm a baby down and send it to sleep!? Yes!
This app has 65 different sounds to help your baby go to sleep. We use the “Beach” sound all the time. It works best when the baby’s already fed and their nappy has been changed, and they’re sleepy but not quite sleeping, and being a bit grumpy. You can also set a timer, so if you’re co-sleeping and fall asleep before the baby does, it’ll automatically stop by itself.

I would recommend it to all the parents who are suffering from a crying baby. Because the sounds are all based on “white noise” which is something very close to the sounds the baby used to hear when they were in the womb, it’s not so irritating for adults either. Ricky also requests the “sheep sound” (as the app has got a sheep on it) when Jack doesn’t go to sleep at night.

When you child gets bigger (like Ricky) there are other apps that are useful, like painting apps or puzzles, but we first wanted to share the apps that were genuinely useful for us during pregnancy and early parenthood – we hope you find them useful too.