Whilst technically this is Ricky’s 3rd Valentine’s Day, we dind’t let him eat chocolate until he turned 3, so this year’s Valentine’s day was the first in which he has experienced not only the love but also the chocolate!

We decided to make some heart shaped chocolates together for daddy.
All the ingredients can be found in a 100 yen shop.

Here’s how we made them:

Put the colourful sugar into the heart-shaped moulds.

Melt your chocolate and pour into the moulds.

White chocolate alone was a bit too sweet for us, so we added some dark chocolate too.

The leftover chocolate was used to decorate these lovely little marshmallows!

We put some puffs into the last bit of chocolates and made some choco-crunch.

Ricky seems to really enjoy this kind of cooking, and is pretty good at it too!

We hid the main heart-shaped chocolates until the 14th, and gave them to daddy on Valentine’s day morning!

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day!