Family Tame

About the Tame Family

Joseph Tame

Born in England; one-eighth Swiss. Raised in Herefordshire (on the Welsh Border), he attended a Steiner School from the age of 8 to 16. Leaving college early, he decided to hitch-hike to Australia, but ran out of money in Switzerland. It was whilst working there in 1997 that he met lots of Japanese tourists, and developed an interest in a country about which he knew very little.

His first visit to Japan was in 2000 – a 6-week hitch-hiking holiday. He loved it and decided that he was wanted to live there, so embarked upon a BA in Japanese Studies at The University of Sheffield. It was there that he met his future wife, Satoko. He both graduated and got married in July 2008; shortly afterwards he relocated to Tokyo where he has lived since.

In 2011, he established Wild Tame co., Ltd, which provides digital media production / consulting services to clients both in Japan and overseas, with a focus upon video production. As a performance artist, Joseph now makes regular media appearances wearing a variety of home-made wearable tech costumes.

Satoko Tame

Satoko is the third of four sisters. She was raised in Saitama (Japan) until she was 10, then entered an alternative boarding school in Wakayama. After spending her elementary school/junior high school life in Kansai, she spent 6 months at a high school in Saskatchewan, Canada. In 2004, she graduated from a university in Kyoto and moved to England for a masters degree at The University of Sheffield. It was there that she met her future husband Joseph. Having finished her MA in Intercultural Communication (specialising in Intercultural Marriage) in 2006, she returned to Japan. She joined Wild Tame K.K. in 2013, which Joseph had established 2 years previously, and continues to manage a wide variety of projects. In late 2013 their first child was born, and she continues to juggle family life with work demands.

Rick Tame

Satoko and Joseph’s first child, born in late 2013. Ricky loves his friends and teachers at the nursery he’s attended since he was 6 months old. Having taught himself to use an iPad at a young age, he is now into the American dinosaur character “Barney”. His favourite English word is “battery” as he needs it to ask daddy to help change the batteries when his toy trains stop running.

Jack Tame

Satoko and Joseph’s second child, born in late 2016. Jack loves drinking milk and listening to Oasis’s ‘Champagne Supernova’.

Pepe Tame

Pepe is an emperor penguin. He was born in Antarctica, but has no problems with the Japanese climate. His hobby is travelling, but he hasn’t been able to travel much recently and is a little bit frustrated. He is very proud of the fact that he is order-made – there are no other penguins like him in the entire world.

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